Time for a change: Looking ahead

SCALE in focus is a new web site for

the Aviagrafik scale model photography blog. 


Aviagrafik has been around for ages in one form or another - as a vehicle for hobby magazine and technical illustration in the 90s, to more recent creative art and digital photography activity. It's now time for a fundamental change.


Scale in Focus is a logical progression for Aviagrafik, and is a clean, new, and more focused place which will offer hints and tips on the technical and creative aspects of photographing scale models. It will still include hobby related articles but will be a leaner webspace with a more contemporary edge.

So, that book? . . . The idea for a photography manual written purely for scale model makers started around 2010 and has been a winding fragmented journey from self-discovery/self-taught desk-top publishing skills (some wasted time trying to learn obsolete DTP software), to technical writing and authoring along with enhanced graphic design abilities (we all think we can write a book don't we, I mean it cannot be that hard, surely?. . . ) All of which has seen the title evolve as the model subjects and digital photographic landscape has evolved and matured too. 

The title has morphed into something quite different from the original idea and has been extensively revised to include a new focus on smartphone photography as these clever little devices become more than just selfie takers. But the core aim remains - give everyone the tools to understand the fundamentals, choose the best budget equipment for the job and take cracking images using these. There is no scale-elitism or fancy studio light gear here either - anyone can do this and take great shots of their models to share with others.

The manuals' model subject content has also evolved. From extensive feedback and conversations with modellers on a global scale, it will now reflect a wider audience with broader appeal. It also recognises the fact that many modellers (the author included) have eclectic modelling tastes and broader subject interest - (scale modelling isn't that old school 1980's "I only build Spitfires me" anymore).

So the title is no longer the sole preserve of aircraft modelling, (the authors' first love since childhood) and now includes information on how to take the best documentary and creative shots of armour, sci-fi and figures as well as automotive subjects. 

Yeah, but what is it really all about? Well the main aim has always been to empower model makers with the photographic skills and knowledge to capture their creations in the best, most cost effective way. This is regardless of model making skill level, (every model deserves the best shot doesn't it?) and should foster an inclusive, collaborative and shared approach to the hobby. We spend a huge amount of time and money on our hobby and the images we take of our creations should reflect this investment and passion for our collective past-time.


While this new site and blog will be a jumping-off point for the basics of taking better photos of our creations, and cover the key technical knowledge that is essential for this, it's also a shopfront for the first truly all-in-one scale modeller's photography manual. Originally the project was print based only (who doesn't enjoy a nice sit down with a good book and a cuppa?) but times and needs change, so I hope to be able to offer the title in conventional print and online pdf e-book formats.

Sneak peeks and more previews of content are coming in early 2023. Here's a couple of screen teaser shots of the pagination and a two page spread: 

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 2.40.10 PM.png

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