modern adventures in scale model photography

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"Give it a go, you never know. . ."

Aviagrafik is the work of Anthony Oliver and is primarily about scale model photography.

The shutterbug is one aspect of a mixed media arts practice which has had an elliptical journey from the childhood influences of grandparents and seminal black and white war films, through an emerging adolescent interest in photography; when a Zenith EM 35mm film camera was bought for ten quid in a 1976 new years day sale.

Work and creative activities are a varied canvas of vocational, practical and technical roles. Peripheral activities over the years have (beyond the day job to pay for food and a roof) included technical illustration for commercial hobby magazines and instruction sheets for now defunct resin aftermarket detail manufacturers.

I moved away from the hobby in the mid 90s - disillusioned from a loss of personal drive and enjoyment, the rise of elitism, and the infiltration of online forums by people who had little interest in furthering the positive aspects of the hobby, and every interest in posturing as self-appointed experts to critique the efforts of others. During this time away, professional activity focused on managing a UK University contemporary arts teaching and learning resource, tutoring in conventional and digital photography techniques. A Masters Degree in Contemporary Fine Art spun the conventional 'aeroplane art' away on a different trajectory, with contemporary solo and collaborative work exhibited in the UK and Europe.

Migrating to New Zealand in 2010, I found work as a photographer and warehouse manager for Sir Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's Wingnut Films in Wellington. A chance visit to Hood aerodrome and the workshops of The Vintage Aviator Ltd. (TVAL) sparked the dormant interest in flying machines and their styrene effigies once more.

Model making and the photographing of those models are mutually inclusive and the book is a long term project to create a 'really useful' photography manual. It is nearing fruition and has been revised several times to take in some fundamental changes and advances in digital imaging and mobile technologies.

The project has weathered a changing environment of variable and quite profound personal and family health issues, changing employment and home relocations, and is now in the final stages of content creation, cover design mock up and pre-press editing.

Supplemental: All activity has been suspended until early 2023 when it will return with new material.

Best wishes and thank you for your continued support and interest in this blog.

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