Aviagrafik: Situation report 3a.

This is a very brief update - Things have been a bit up and down at 'Chez Graphique' of late and despite the ministrations of assorted boffins and Erks, it's become increasingly difficult to write, what with no actual model making taking place and no assorted images to. . . you know how it goes eh?

So the covers have been put back on the Fortnum and Mason Ju666 V3 and it has been pushed back into the hanger for a bit of a lie down. . . again.

"Has anyone seen the cat?"

Seriously though, I am mindful that a lot of people are finding life a bit difficult. So, I think that me flapping my gums about a book about model aeroplanes and how to point a camera at them really isn't all that important right now.

So, here's some light reading to be going on with.

"Bear with". . .

More updates coming presently (just as soon as the Blue Meanies get bored and go off to play outside).

Kia kaha - be excellent, stay safe.


All images used with permission.

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