Book project: Situation report 1.

If you've found us from our migrated facebook social media page, you'll know that the book design and content creation has taken a bit of a hit over the last few months.

Global pandemics and lockdowns not withstanding, the creative process has been well and truly battered by two house moves, temporary workstations adapted from shared domestic space and a general anxiety of what comes next.

Thankfully things have calmed down and a much longed for period of calm and normalcy means a time to sit back, recap and regroup and get my head around what tasks need prioritising. Quite apart from starting an organic marketing campaign to promote my work (please share if you like this!) there is still writing to complete, models to finish and photograph and illustrations to support the techniques. It's not as daunting as it sounds!

As far as the overall design goes, the key aspects of layout, content and style are locked in now and the cover design has been finalised. My next step is to complete the illustrations and diagrams. This book is a true instructional manual and uses the latest in learning design principles to deliver the key information. This means it is a treasure trove of easy to read, visually appealing information which is backed up with good old fashioned technical illustrations.

So where is it at right now?

Here are some screen grabs - a full pagination shot of the entire page count and some teaser page shots. A shout out to the people whos' models provide the awesome photographic subjects - Hamish Woodman's Tamiya F4J(UK), David Johnson's Tamiya Birdcase Corsair, Bruce Adam's Hasegawa Fw190A8, Steve Westerby's lovely Airfix Hurricane and my 54mm Jagwaffe figure.

More updates coming soon!

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