Book project: Situation report 3.

What have you been up to, eh? Apparently not much. . .

This is a very brief update post - while posting trivia and replying to silly stuff on Twitter (you know who you are you crazy kids), it dawned on me that I have effectively done no design, writing or editing since September 2010.

Utterly appalling.

But why?

I really don't know.

In real terms, it doesn't take a genius to know things have been pretty strange for quite some time now. But what's new?

There is a raft of seemingly inconsequential minor things, such as the irrational/rational fear of having to live a new, modified, altogether different life and an addiction to the sofa and its lure of a tea and biscuit sanctuary.

Of course I live in a country which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Truman Show. It is either the envy of everywhere else because we had a sensible person in the big seat; or attracts jealous abuse and derision because we are evidently mostly just sheep, mountains. Plus being located at the arse end of the world, we are obviously immune to plagues, zombies and flag wavers. . .aww yup.

And yet. . . I have family, relatives and old friends who are doing their level best to exist in some fucked up 28 Days later-esque theme park. . . and the park guides seem to be clinically insane. So yes, I worry incessantly, constantly. What's worse is that feeling of impotence, helplessness. Of having a child (they never really grow up eh?) who normally could ring her mum and dad and say 'help' and of course mum and dad would get on an aeroplane. . .

I am mindful that a lot of people have an infinitely more trying existence than I. People without jobs, with poor health, fear of losing a home, losing their loved ones, a real fear of the unknown.

So all in all, I think that bashing my gums about a book about model aeroplanes and how to point a camera at them really isn't all that important right now. In fact its quite possibly all a bit selfish and tone deaf.

"Bear with". . .

What now?

I really don't know.

Things are not normal.

Will they ever be?

Possibly, definitely, yes, but when?

The book - oh yeah. The basic premise remains - the desire to produce a really useful resource which isn't just seen as a way to make a quick buck from a pastime, (I've already said that when costed out, it owes me big time) or alternatively, pretending to be something that is 'essential' to the the evolution of model making to justify an obscene price tag.

No, it is still first and foremost, a resource, a guidebook and hopefully a jolly good read.

So where is it at right now?

Its still here, still simmering away waiting for me to get my shit together, make hay, be productive again, yada yada. . .

Here are some reminder screen grabs of the main section contents which are the quick start guides - a pagination shot of the section and some teaser page shots.

More updates coming soon. Kia kaha - be excellent, stay safe, be nice, be strong.


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