Book project: Situation report 4.

What's fresh?. . .

This is a very brief update post - with some good news and a slow but detailed return to finalising work on the book, revising some of the subject content and modelling material to make the book a little more appealing to a broader audience.

Yes, I know its not about the modelling prowess (lack of in my case), thinly veiled model making uberskills, or an overabundance (boy do the press love this word lately!) of popular subjects, but it is about quality and some really useful information.

Speaking of which there's a little thing called the smart phone. When I started this project mobile phones were pretty much just that, a phone with a limited text capacity and definitely no camera.

In ten years they have all but usurped the digital camera as a prime tool for taking some stunning images and what's more uploading these almost instantaneously to a hungry social media audience.

So the focus of the book has shifted and while the DSLR is still the grandes cojones as far as flexibility, image quality, optical light transmission and capturing detail goes, I simply cannot shrug off the smart phone as not relevant or just a 'toy' when photographing our models. Remember folks, it's not the machine you use but what you see that is important and while saying "any old bit of cheap tat will take a decent snap" is not quite true, it is our knowledge of how light works and an eye for the image that is paramount. Develop this and you'll be taking stellar model images in no time!

Which means that there is a whole new section on mobile phone techniques, looking at how to make the most of their functions, abilities but also more importantly, understanding the limitations imposed by the fixed aperture and tiny optics. Other sections of the book will also be revised to include a smart phone lens (pardon the pun) on what is going on there too.

But oh my word, smartphone cameras are getting rather good. . . Simply thrilling!

"Oh do get on with it there's a good chap"

I keep being asked (quite rightly) about a publication date and I cannot give a firm date. Simply put, this is not my professional paying day-job gig (I wish) and I spend most of my daylight hours at a computer, writing, editing and otherwise 'creating' learning materials for online diploma and certificate papers. All of which leaves me 'plum tuckered out' most days and very reluctant to spend my evenings looking at more words and pictures. (altogether now ,say 'ahh poor wee lamb')

So: 2021 - definitely maybe, but how soon is now? "Bear with, bear with. . ."

A reminder - The basic premise remains - this is designed as a really useful resource and it's not pretending to be something that is 'essential' to the the evolution of model making just to relieve you of a few quid. No, it is still first and foremost, a resource, a guidebook, and hopefully a ripping yarn.

So where is it at now?

It's simmering away, edging (like Guy Martin's TT riding experience) ever closer to the edge. . .

Here are some reminder screen grabs of the main section contents which are the quick start guides - a pagination shot of the section and some teaser page shots.

More updates coming soon. As always - Kia kaha - be excellent, stay safe, be nice, stay strong.


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